how to get $DOGG #

Follow these steps to get $DOGG


Get ETH on coinbase or any other decentralized exchange.


Transfer your ETH to your Coinbase Wallet,, or Trust Wallet.


Go to Etherscan, copy the exact contract number, HERE


Use Uniswap to plug in the contract. Confirm the contract is $DOGG.


Swap your ETH to $DOGG.


• Forming a team & vision and naming the coin
• Creating the perfect code
• Pooled Ether $50,000

Cryptocurrency Market Entry and Listing

• Initial diluted market cap $100,000
• 4.2 billion limited coins, 20% burned to VB
• 45% supply to Uniswap
• 18% liquidity pool investors
• 17% held for additional liquidity
• Talented, full-time staff
• Dedicated development team

Follow on Actions

• Dominate social media presence
• Website launch
• Marketing outreach
• Partnership outreach
• Establishing trust and forming relationships


• Succesfull launch with 100,000$ initial market cap
• Website launch
• Coingecko listed
• 700 telegram members
• 1.000 holders • 185 Reddit community • 345 Twitter followers

Next Phase

• Etherscan Verification
• Coinmarketcap Listing
• New exchanges
• 2000 telegram members
• 2.000 holders • 500 Reddit community • 1000 Twitter followers

Giving Dogg utility

• Ecosystem development
• Doggmovement (NFT market place)

why you should choose us


join the DOGG community

Hold and help this community to grow! DOGG began as an idea, to create a token that challenged the existing crypto space. DOGG is community-owned and oriented toward longevity and with meaning, reflecting the value of the community, not quick profits.


our mission

To deliver decentralized and trusted payment option, and connect businesses with their clients through a community-owned token. DOGG is a long term project and investors are here to stay. The developer team has major plans for the future on the go. All creative ideas are welcome!